【Prep12语法解析】GMAT Prep2012-Pack1-SC-002 VSC07625 EASY

【Prep12语法解析】GMAT Prep2012-Pack1-SC-002 VSC07625 EASY

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【Prep12语法解析】GMAT Prep2012-Pack1-SC-002 VSC07625 EASY

Efforts to the funds available to schooldistricts, a major goal of education reformers and many states in the 1970's, hasnot significantly reduced the gags existing between the richest and poorestdistricts.

A. has not significantly reduced the gapsexisting
B. has not been significant in reducing thegap that exists
C. has not made a significant reduction inthe gap that exists
D. have not significantly reduced the gap thatexists
E. have not been significant in a reductionof the gaps existing





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