【GMAT PRE08逻辑解析】GMAT-PREP08-CR2 第93题

【GMAT PRE08逻辑解析】GMAT-PREP08-CR2 第93题

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 【GMAT PRE08逻辑解析】GMAT-PREP08-CR2  第93题

Because it was long thought that few people would watch lengthy televised political messages, most televised political advertisements, like commercial advertisements, took the form of short messages.  Last year, however, one candidate produced a half-hour-long advertisement.  At the beginning of the half-hour slot a substantial portion of the viewing public had tuned in to that station.  Clearly, then, many more people are interested in lengthy televised political messages than was previously thought.

Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument?
A. The candidate who produced the half-hour-long advertisement did not win election at the polls.
B. The half-hour-long advertisement was widely publicized before it was broadcast.
C. The half-hour-long advertisement was aired during a time slot normally taken by one of the most popular prime-time shows.
D. Most short political advertisements are aired during a wide range of programs in order to reach a broad spectrum of viewers.
E. In general a regular-length television program that features debate about current political issues depends for its appeal on the personal qualities of the program's moderator.





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